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Outsyder0486: Whew! That was fun. Got stuff to do though, so I'll let one of you more seasoned wiki-oids look over it. Sadly, the other people in my life don't accept "I was on TV Tropes" as an excuse.

SpiriTsunami: Wait, the U.S. didn't participate in the first two? And why didn't it get more press here, anyway? You'd think the U.S. sports media would be happy to cover an international tournament in which we were the odds-on favorites, as flexing our muscles against other nations is just what we do. (That and looking incredibly stupid when we don't win the tournaments we're "supposed to" win—the finals of the first two World Baseball Classics pitting Japan against South Korea being a primary example. Hey, we got a bad draw facing Japan in the semis! We could've made the finals if we'd faced South Korea in the semis instead! XP). Man...there's already an American Football World Cup? And here I was thinking we'd have to win the World Cup to get the rest of the world to try our game—"We played your football, now you play ours", y'know? Damn...I'll have to be on the lookout in 2011.

jdreyfuss: To whomever put the commentary about the Wildcat in the QB section, I originally wrote it with the phrase 'nearly every play,' but I ended up in an edit war with someone who kept taking it out until I gave up on it. I changed it back to read 'nearly'and added a note about the Wildcat to the 'formations' section.

Mac Phisto: Shouldn't we add to Bill Belichek's entry that he's a dirty rotten cheater, and that the Patriots are the NFL equivalent of the Yankees (Re: they buy all their talent)?

Ice Wolfklaske: I have a suggestion. Why not replace the name of American football with "Girl's Rugby" during April Fools? I would love to see the resulting explosion.

Willieo: A place for tradtional college football rivalries could be cool. Inevitably long, but interesting. Auburn-alabama, Tennessee-Georgia, FSU-University of Florida, Texas-Oklahoma, Arkansas-... and whoever... I'm sure there are some outside the SEC too.