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Dinru: Okay, a general consensus on Angel's gender for this page is needed, or else neutrality. Not because I'm being Wikipedia-ish, but because otherwise people who've never seen the show/movie are gonna be so goddamn confused.
  • Is there a disgreement about it somewhere on the page? (I agree, btw)
    • Sort of. People keep editing it back and forth and they don't always get all of the pronouns and it's getting confusing and annoying.
      • ratheranomic: It's hard to insist that everyone use the same pronouns, though, in light of the fact that not even the characters consistently used the same pronouns. The character seemed prefer to be referred to as a female, for what that's worth.
      • Dinru I suppose. I already edited the front page a bit in order to at least explain it somewhat. People always refer to characters by name before using pronouns anyway. Also, I mentioned the pronouns because sometimes it would, say, have that Angel was a transvestite on the top of the page and then it would refer to Angel as 'she' later on, and vice-versa for when Angel's referred to as transgendered.

Should the discussion and such under "Designated Hero"'s example be moved to here?
  • Or, perhaps more aptly, Headscratchers? I moved it under the appropriate category there, for the time being.


Dinru: orly? Last I checked, Joanne, Maureen, Mark, and Benny were all peachy-keen :/ (But that is an interesting parody... AND WE LACK AY ZEE TEE!!!)

Scotty Quick is wondering if you guys are sure Mimi has full blown AIDS. Wasn't she taking antivitriol drugs?
  • Dinru: Nope, she plainly states at the end of La Vie Bohéme A that it's AZT, So Yeah...
    • ScottyQuick: I'm just going by the other wiki here, but isn't AZT used for HIV?
      • Dinru:It's used for both stages. By 'treatment of HIV' or whatever, they mean the virus itself, not just the stage. Thinking about it, I don't remember where exactly Mimi said she had AIDS... *boots up old DVD player*
      • Slvstr Chung: It's right at the end of "La Vie Boheme A".
    Mimi: AZT break!
    Roger: You?
    Mimi: Me. You?
    Roger: ...Mimi.
    (*guitarrensolo, song break*)
    Roger: I should tell you I'm disaster, etc
    • ScottyQuick: I'm just going by the other wiki here, but isn't AZT used for HIV?
    • alcockell: It is. Mimi was spiralling down at the end due to probably TB or another respiratory condition complicated by HIV.
In any case, there is no way she'd be able to "break the fever"... her immune system is *shot*. I first watched this from cold and was in disbelief when she came round after flatlining... she'd need IV antibiotics and full-on cardiac care to even stand a chance at recovery. Of course the heroin/crack use didn't help either..