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Dragon Quest Z: I put the names of the tropers who put their choices in the discussion, but that's optional. They can take them down if they want. It's just to help sort which choice was by which troper.

Charred Knight: I would keep them up since this keeps us honest
Charred Knight: Here's a question what about multiple people from the same series. In Overman King Gainer their are three characters (Kajenan, Enge, and Japoli) who show off the best example of Punch-Clock Villain I have ever seen as they constantly complain about their job, and the last few episodes are Punch-Clock Villain at its finest, so can I put all three up their since they are basically meant to be taken as a group or should I just put the best one (Kajenan)

Dragon Quest Z: If they are part of the same organization, then you can just include them as a group. If not, you may have to pick one.

Charred Knight: While all three are part of the Siberian Railroad, the Siberian Railroad has some real assholes so I can't include them, I just love how all three interact with each other.

Kriegsmesser: Z, this is Sugar wiki. Would you kindly remove whatever bug has planted itself in your rectum and relax?

Dragon Quest Z: "Sugar" means "sweet", not "ignore the definitions and guidelines". We simply have different guidelines than the main wiki or Darth Wiki. And avoiding Trope Decay even on this namespace is not a "bug". It's an ideal.
Cassy: Okay, I can see my examples here and on several other tropes get deleted even though I don't know in what respect they aren't valid. I've been posting on this Wiki for almost two years now, I've made quite a few contributions and this kind of thing hurts me more than it should. I got the message, I won't be "troping" anymore and I apologize if my enthusiastic entry pimping was mistaken for trolling or natter. I'd just like to know why several other tropers seem to have such a big issue with me of all people. I mean, what did I do to you and is it really worth singling me out and ruining my favourite hobby?

Bob: According to the history, it seems that Dragon Quest Z had the reason of "Those don't fit. You get one example per trope. Plus Your Mileage May Vary is not about that anymore." and that the ones removed by moviepyro seems like they were an accidentally caused by two people editing the page at the same time.

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01/15/09 at 05:00 PM by Cassy

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01/15/09 at 04:57 PM by Cassy

I don't see any problems with you adding stuff, so go ahead.

Cassy: Well, thank you, it's good to get some support. The thingie with moviepyro isn't an issue, I'm talking about Azxc and Dragon Quest Z on this page. In this case, I don't see why my examples "didn't fit" and in what respect they are fundamentally different from the pile of examples that are left untouched. Also, several people have given two examples along the lines of "a close second would be" and that's okay, but when I do it it suddenly becomes an issue. It's not a matter of just one thing or one example, only my examples get deleted, and in such a rude way too. I had spent quite a bit of time writing them (and had a lot of fun doing so) so well... getting the "You suck" treatment isn't nice and I wish I had received a polite explanation, I don't think I've done anything to deserve being treated like trash.

Bob: Just rewrite the ambiguous examples so that there's a clear favorite and re-add your stuff.

Kriegsmesser: Please don't let the actions of one mean troper ruin the site for you.

Haven: Hmm...Clap Your Hands If You Believe: Mage: The Ascension or Planescape? *ponder ponder*

SeasideMessenger: Any arguments against outright deleting the "Mid-Boss as Anti-Villain" entry?

Man Without A Body: Is this page locked to edits or something? Because every time I try to add something, the changes aren't there when I go back to the main page. Help?

Neo Chaos: I've noticed this too. I'll probably bring this up in the forum because this is bizzare.

Dragon Quest Z: It might be the same thing that happened to Dethroning Moment of Suck. The solution there was to split the page. I will do that here today.