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Working Title: The Cullen Effect: From YKTTW

Earnest: Sorry, the name of this trope and Kukulcan sound so similar... I couldn't resist! XD

fleb: Where is the image from, anyway?

Earnest: It's the Quetzalcoatl summon from Final Fantasy VIII I believe is his first appearance. Here's where the pic came from.

Ekkion:Actually it's for the chilean game Myths and Legends
Chuckg: Removed the Larry Hama/GI Joe example. Even that hasn't settled down much of the fanbase.
Harpie Siren: While Sonic being in Brawl is awesomesause... Was anybody saying that Brawl was going to suck before Sonic was announced?

Charred Knight: I deleted it because Brawl was highly anticipated since it was announced. This is a trope for when something is originally hated. Only an idiot would think Brawl would suck.

Scooter007: @Earnest - stroke of GENIUS, that! I had intended the title to be a sort-of homage to Irish legend Cúchulainn, which is why I didn't think it would fit the trope. Your addition is absolutely priceless and covers up my dumb idea perfectly.
Sean Tucker: As a fan of the first two Red Alert games, I can say with absolutely no apprehension that Hell March 3 is fucking awesome.
Olick: Alright, I'm gonna remove the entire Dungeons and Dragon's reference from this page, for 2 basic reasons. 1. The example is not in line with this trope. They were decisions many dreaded, and many warmed up to, but the warming up was NOT due to the presence of something that changed the tide, like a famous game designer being announced. 2. The latest change was extremely subjective, even on this wiki, where the opposite opinion (stated as an opinion, not presented as fact here) is already on the Ruined FOREVER page. I personally disagree.
KJMackley: I just feel the need to comment on the Dragonball Z film (which I had put down). Of course it is popular enough to get They Changed It, Now It Sucks! from the get-go, but just a review of the confirmed details.
  • James Wong as director- Popular with Final Destination and The One but not the top tier director people were hoping for.
  • Justin Chatwin as Goku- Apparently a decent actor but he is considered a "Pretty-Boy" by the fans and doesn't have the musculature that Goku should have. Production stills and his hair gel have not helped alleviate fears.
  • Joon Park as Yamcha and Jamie Chung as Chi-Chi have been respected but considering their somewhat minor roles in the overall series they weren't going to be that hotly contested.
  • Emmy Rossum as Bulma- Well respected mostly because Emmy is a well-established young actress and really is quite cute.
  • Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi- Also very well respected but they could have gone with a lesser caliber actor and probably got the same reaction.
  • Then James Marsters as Piccolo...I don't think anyone would seriously argue against that choice, Buffy fan or not. He might not have been the dream casting choice, but if you're talking about a vicious Bad Ass, Marsters has already proven himself at that.

Twitch: I am sorely tempted to edit out the snarky comments directed towards Alan Moore re: Watchmen film. In several interviews, Moore has made clear, logical statements about the level of detail in the source work, the respective strengths and weaknesses of comic books and film as distinct and separate storytelling media, how he tailored his writing to take full advantage of the comic form, and how much of that (a story background that spans fifty years, the backmatter articles that flesh out the alternate history, the story-within-a-story of the Black Freighter comic, the multitude of interwoven subplots, and the sheer number of characters past and present,) plays directly against the strengths of the film medium.

Not to mention his experience with Executive Meddling and how several of his works have been adapted into heavily simplified films. From Hell and V for Vendetta are two prime examples of Adaptation Decay.

Painting his trepidation as a knee-jerk They Changed It, Now It Sucks! is insulting. The only reason I haven't gone ahead and edited it is because it stirs up a strong emotional reaction, as you may have noticed.

Bob: I lack your hesitation.

Twitch: Thanks. It's just that it made me so angry, I wanted to put it out there and give it some distance to make sure I wasn't acting like some knee-jerk Moore fanboy.
Quillain: I removed
  • Played straight, yet annoyingly subverted a couple of times with the new Battlestar Galactica. Even with Richard Hatch coming back for a role, some nods to the original series, old Cylons making an appearance (and being Badass), and Edward frakking James fothermucking Olmos, some of the original series fans are still whining, because they apparently don't know quality when it's slapping critics in the face and daring people who unconsciously believe the Sci Fi Ghetto to call it more than "just" sci-fi, bitch. Still, a majority of the viewers are pleased.
as it's not really an example of the trope, and mostly just crabbing that not everyone loves the show.
"When Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher was to be made into a movie, the fans were skeptical. When they learned who was to play the titular antihero, they were outraged. Then actual pictures were seen, and the potrayal was excellent. " No.

KJMackley: I removed a lot of natter, most of the "Actually they did something else to piss off the fans after the Cue Cullen..." This trope is like all the other Subjective Tropes; someone somewhere will disagree but unless the example is outright false (Like say "Shia LaBeouf united the Transformers fandom") there isn't any reason to start an argument over other "damning" evidence to condemn the production.
Chris X: I would like to ask, if there is a personal 'Cue Cullen' (as in personal Fan Nickname), will that go into Troper Tales? Because, you know, Your Mileage May Vary. What is considered as 'Cullen' for one person is not necessarily a 'Cullen' for someone else.

KJMackley: I would say unless you are likely to get a lot of people arguing about it, go ahead and put it in the main page. Like I said above, Shia Labeouf certainly has fans but the Transformer fandom didn't care much for him. I put in the James Marsters as Piccolo in Dragon Ball and I know full well people haven't liked the movie.
Charred Knight: When the hell did Cue Cullen become an advertisements from Video games. Yes, Nintendo had a horrible E3 last year, but its not like they haven't had major E3's for the Wii before. Also no it's not Cue Cullen if the second guessing last for two seconds.

Pikawil: Why are you ruling out video games but not other media?

Charred Knight: It's just more common, I think I deleted like 10 entries that where nothing more than people being excited over announcements which isn't an example. You have to think the announcements are a bad idea. I just deleted some none video game entries about a third season of transformers animated (the series was well received by the fanbase).

Pikawil: You know what, at this rate, you may want to consider that Cue Cullens applies not just to works in production, but also creators' track records. How do you think someone would feel if they believe that "Ew, <creator>'s track record is sucking for YEARS!" then <creator> pulls out something that makes these people go "Oh my god, <creator> is rising back from the fallen!"? 'cause that's how those so-called "hardcore" gamers you keep dealing with feel about Nintendo's "casual" approach 'till a certain fated event in this year of two-oh-oh-nine...

Wild Knight: Indeed. I won't put it back in myself, I'll let someone else decide if it can still fit, but let me explain my logic: I was thinking "Those game announcements are to Nintendo as a company what the announcement of Peter Cullen voicing Optimus Prime was to the Transformers movie." Basically, I was treating Nintendo themselves as the piece of work that the "fans" are ranting about (analogous to the Transformers movie as a whole), rather than the actual games (which are analogous to Peter Cullen joining the project). Yeah, maybe I'm being too free with the description of the trope, and maybe I'm trying to justify Square Peg, Round Trope, which is why I won't add it back in myself. But when the Internet - at least, the corners I hang out in - rejoiced and sang Nintendo's praises when they announced those games, it felt very much to me like Nintendo Cuing their own personal Cullen.

So yeah, that's my logic. Take it or leave it.

Charred Knight: So you lost faith over the fact that Nintendo is physically unable to put out a bunch of great games that please hardcore games ever year? The complaints are entirely based on people who hate casual games (such as Wiifit) hating Nintendo for making a couple casual games. How long was the gap between the run of high profile games that started the wii and the announcement of Punch-out? What? A year? It wasn't like a huge exodus of people left. Their is a huge difference between a bunch of people thinking that Transformer's is going to suck, and people who bitch about Wiisports.

Did you honestly believe that because of the sucess of the Wii, that Nintendo was going to stop making Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games?

Rebochan: Having dealt with far more coretards than I can count, yes. Yes they really do. Actually, the amazing part to me was that they'd already rationalized that Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games don't "count" because they're Long-Runners and first-party games to boot, so I was genuinely surprised at the overall positive reaction to another Nintendo Long Runner getting a title. You have to realize the anti-casual meme is not based on rationality and the goal posts are designed to shift should they suddenly have to admit they're wrong.

Pikawil: Hmmm, when applying Rebochan's logic about the hardcore Fan Dumb, then why is the Fallout: New Vegas example, which applies only to the "ZOMG BETHESDA = EPIC FAILZORZ SUX" Fallout Fan Dumb (who are now in the minority; they're quite vocal if we look at No Mutants Allowed though), still there? ...I'll just amend the guidelines then.

"Their is a huge difference between a bunch of people thinking that Transformer's is going to suck, and people who bitch about Wiisports."

Pah. In the long run, they're both Fan Dumb (For the former, remember "TRUKK NOT MUNKY".).
Charred Knight: I just checked and the announcement of the new Metroid game came out 2 years after the last Metroid game. ONLY 2 YEARS! In Comparison it was 9 years between Monkey Island games, and 13 years between Sam and Max Games. Cue Cullen involving companies should involve people like 4Kids or LucasArts, video game companies whose track record was either crap or had become crap, not for the best video game publisher in the world. The reason why I am so uptight about this, is because I want to prevent another Discontuity or another Magnificent Bastard and just have a trope that has no guidelines. The trope is fine without people using it as an excuse to talk about how awesome the next video game is going to be.

Some Sort Of Troper: My opinion and a big ole discussion about this is found here and then it al ended up leading to getting rid of those examples and trying to YKTTW something else based on them.

Wild Knight: ...Righto. Please let me say that after reading the arguments both for and against the Nintendo/Metroid example that I am now convinced I was Square Pegging a Round Trope, and while I feel that the fan reaction to Nintendo's E3 deserves documentation somewhere, I now agree this probably isn't the right trope for it. I'm thoroughly surprised that this ended up sparking such a huge debate, though, I really didn't think it was that big a deal.
Loser Gamer Britt: Hey, what happened to the picture?

Man Without A Body: The name of this page is too vague. Can we change it?
sessile: Okay - what is up with not having instances of "personal" Cue Cullens on the main page? Does every edit need to have the backing a fandom-wide survey before it's considered "appropriate" to include? I noticed upthread that this question was already addressed and personal Cue Cullens were considered fine, but now it's suddenly not all right and they're all going to be deleted? What gives? I'm going to go ahead make a Troper Tales for this page if this isn't resolved, because seeing people's excitement over things is half the fun here.

Pikawil: Go ahead, I predict that'll put an end to said ugly Nintendo debate and give us a win-win situation.

Synjo Deonecros: Could we remove the Short Circuit example? I'm pretty sure the announcement that the remake will be directed by the same guy who did Are We Done Yet?, and that it will be an "A Boy and His X" story, just killed whatever Cue Cullen the robot's design beign left the same created.

Why is the Charlie Adler as Soundwave announcement removed? I'm pretty sure that is good news.