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Great Pikmin Fan: Am I the only one that thinks that Total Drama Island is this (hell, I even made a guess on it here)? If you see it as an attempt to be a bad show (not bashing the show), the Wall Bangers, Plot Holes, and other things stand out and just become... funny. It's as if it's an attempt to be the Western Animation equivilent of Powerup Comics (Okay, not that bad).

Caswin: Cutting the entry in the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon. Overly vicious (anything involving writing off a genre as a "cesspool of stupidity" never ends well, in my experience) and generally unfair.

Caswin: Cutting it again. Actually, I'ma preserve it here. This is not a good entry or a good review.
  • The 1960s Spiderman cartoon. All the camp of the Adam West Batman show (being as it, like the Batman show, crawled out of the cesspool of stupidity that was the Silver Age) add to that the worst voice acting ever for the guy who plays Spiderman, low budget animation, and stock footage used over and over again, and it's impossible not to laugh at the hideous result. A monstrosity IN COLOR!