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This is a Homestar Runner / Strongbad Email reference, isn't it? From a text adventure parody episode called "Thy Dungeonman," right?

Andyroid: NOTED, THANKS! I've added the relevant information, as you can see.

BT The P: Thy Dungeonman 3 is now up, and guess what? You can get ye flask!

CodeMan38: I remember an adventure game written in BASIC on an old computer of mine which had one scene where you couldn't go in a certain direction because of parapets. Trying to do anything to those parapets, however, gave an error along the lines of "There is no parchment here." This confused me greatly until I actually took a look at the program code; turns out was one of those command interpreters that only looks at as few letters as necessary to determine which keyword you meant, and 'parapet' wasn't even a keyword...

And hah, it appears that The Brothers Chaps must have played the same game, given the references to parapets in Thy Dungeonman. Apparently it was called "Vampire Castle", according to this Homestar Runner Wiki article... and Googling for that does indeed turn up an adventure game written in BASIC. And apparently I was mis-remembering slightly: the error is actually "I don't see any parchment scroll", but that only happens if you try to do something absurd like taking the parapets...

The left hand link at the bottom goes back to this very page. Redundant and odd.