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Ununnilium: Hey, why not Gadget? ``

Tabby: She's already under Gadgeteer Genius.

Ununnilium: Ahhhhhhhh. I dunno, I think she's one of the few to count as both; just look at that outfit!

Big T: I agree with Uun, so I'm going to put her in, referencing that she's also a Gadgeteer Genius.

(later) Uun, I know we don't worry about sources around here, but I'm wondering where the source for her last name came from. I wasn't aware she had one, and I saw every episode when I was a kid.

Codicus: Her father was explicitly named in the show as Geegaw Hackwrench, so everyone logically assumes her last name is Hackwrench, too. It's been sighted on a number of semi-definitive sources (such as the description of the recent DVD box set), so it seems to be official.

Big T: Man, I need to get my hands on that set. I loved that show. Too bad I forgot her father had a name...

Violet: I removed the Lady Hetrodyne. Girl Genius sparks are so far into gageteer genius I can't see how they got listed here.
Silent Hunter: Victoria Pendleton is a cyclist and ergo a sexually objectified athlete. Not an example of this trope.
Seven Seals: "There's something even better than a hot girl: a hot girl all covered in dust and sweat, climbing down a ladder, asking for an RJ-45 plug and some UTP CAT-6 cable." Kudos for that line, because I can't help but sniggering at the idea that someone would come down a ladder in dust and sweat asking for that... Where are the ethernet outlets in that place?

Silent Hunter: The attic?
Skarmory The PG: Why is [1] tagged NSFW?

Silent Hunter: Because I thought it was a different image and jumped to conclusions. Removed. Sorry about that.

Skarmory The PG: Any... chance... of seeing that image? <.<;

Silent Hunter: No.
Cap Hector: Might this image be a better Wrench Wench image?

Malimar: I nominate any of these images. Wrenchiest Wrench Wench ever!

Mmm Kay: Hello, this is Just for Fun: What do you call a Wrench Wench in England?

ccoa: Gadget is simply not a good demonstration of this trope. It doesn't matter how popular a character is, the defining characteristic of a Wrench Wench is that she is sexy. I'm sorry to say, but only a small number of people have furries as a sexual fetish. For the majority, that image is actively misleading. If you don't like using the Ensemble Darkhorse of the oldest webcomic still running, then the image suggested by Malimar above is fine, as well. But the image has to be fairly universally regarded as sexy. Not universally recognizable and not merely popular.