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10:43:35 AM Apr 17th 2015
Maugin from The Edge Chronicles is also wrench wench
11:14:23 AM Apr 17th 2015
You can edit the page yourself.
02:46:46 AM Feb 4th 2015
edited by RFMarine
Alan wake: American nightmare

The first human you meet, Emma Sloan, is a mechanic. A good mechanic and good looking

Suggest it be added to the video games section
08:04:46 AM Feb 4th 2015
It's a wiki. You can edit it yourself.
03:39:58 PM Jul 13th 2013
Moved this here for clarification by someone who's read the book:

  • Dagny Taggart, the main heroine of Atlas Shrugged, can't live without her railroad, is not too keen on pointless parties that other rich girls go to and has a very masculine dress code.

"Can't live without her railroad" is the only part of this that even vaguely suggests she might be a Wrench Wench. Parties and her dress code are irrelevant. And the railroad only counts if she actually does mechanic-stuff on it, not simply owns it. or runs it.
01:12:23 AM Jun 20th 2013
edited by
I suggest a less, shall we say... disagreeable name for it. Most of these characters that I have seen are modest, respectable, and not the least objectifed. Suggest renaming it after Rosie the riveter or Audrie from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. After all, it's the character description of women who know how to fix things, which can be a number of different personalities, and not just some mechanically smart version Ms.F.
12:05:30 PM Sep 25th 2012
edited by captainpat
Moving zero context examples here. Please re-add the examples with context explaining why these characters are wrench wenches. Things like whether it's the job, a hobby, or what area they specialize in should be in these examples.

    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Agent Boysenberry in Donald Duck comic books (the "Tamers of Nonhuman Threats" subseries featured in Gemstone's Donald Duck Adventures).
  • P.J., who ran her own garage in Y: The Last Man.
  • Kat Pryde in Exiles, even more so than her X-Men counterpart.
  • Angie from PS238.

     Fan Fiction 
  • Avalon and Kaylee in Fly Or Fall have fairy powers surrounding this trope.



    Live-Action TV 
  • Betty Jo Bradley (the youngest daughter) from Petticoat Junction.
  • Bonnie and April in Knight Rider.
  • Cally on Battlestar Galactica would qualify, if her personality didn't make her The Scrappy of the series. And if she didn't smell like boiled cabbage.
    • Seelix starts as one of these, before she becomes a pilot.
  • Charlene in Neighbours. Played by Kylie Minogue, no less.
    • And later Steph Scully in Neighbours. Then Janae Timmons took up the mantle.
  • Played straight in FlashForward with Keiko.
  • Kari Byron on MythBusters. Technically also falls under "real life".
  • Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale.

  • Bananarama in their video for "Cruel Summer."
  • Rinhanna in her "Shut up and drive" MV seem to be this, but she doesn't do much though. Other girls in the MV also count.
  • Steampunk band The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing have written a song celebrating this sort of woman called Goggles.
  • The girl in Dave Edmunds' "Slipping Away" video. She cleans up nicely at the end, too.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • WOW, a short-lived women's wrestling promotion populated largely with goofy gimmicks, had Wendi Wheels to fill this role.
  • Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald and Lisa Marie "Victoria/Tara" Varon are both real life versions of this with the latter owning a customs shop.


    Video Games 

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 

04:58:55 AM Feb 20th 2012
The entry under Winry Rockbell was excessively long and pointless. I don't need a detailed account of her entire life to see how she fits the trope. I deleted nearly all of it. If you want to put it back go ahead but honestly I don't see the point.
08:42:52 PM Oct 21st 2011
I've not looked through the examples, but the article itself strikes a really annoying and somewhat sexist tone, particularly objectifying Winry in the caption and the article's implication that a woman mechanic is somehow exclusively the domain of male fantasy.
04:00:42 PM Oct 22nd 2011
I agree, and thanks for cleaning up.
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