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Egak: Why is this trope called Planet Eris?

HeartBurn Kid: Because the world described is so very Discordian. Fnord.

Egak: Ahh... I thought it might have had something to do with the real planet Eris...

Ununnilium: ...that's a good point, actually. Making a note.

<tripzilch> The planet was in fact named "Eris" at the suggestion of a Discordian, I made a small edit with a link telling the story.

Zeke: Actually, you don't need to be an Illuminati fan (that was Illuminati-speak, right, HeartBurn Kid?) to know what this one means. Eris is the Greek goddess of discord. I even had a forum-based fanfic going, years and years ago, where I used Eris as the name of a planet for that reason.

thatother1dude: does Bob and George count? they have a large amount of time travelers alternate universes and in one case characters from multiple time periods in an alternate universe.

Big T: I would say yes, based on your description. I'll leave it someone who's already read the comic to add it, though.

Meiriona: One need not be versed in Illumnatus! To be Discordian. I've been Discordian for years, printed my version of the Principia in 2004, but only picked up Illuminatis! This year. Yay paperbacks.

Gwalla: The Turkey City Lexicon calls the indiscriminate mixing of mutually exclusive ontologies (a giant mecha created by the Big Bang is humanity's only hope and the serpent from the Garden of Eden has been reborn as a Japanese schoolgirl) "Tabloid Weird". I kind of prefer that term.

Dioschorium: I find this trope title funny, if only because I'm working on a novel in which every conspiracy theory was real and inspired by the same group of aliens, who eventually relocate to the dwarf planet Eris.

Leonon: Would the World of Darkness RPG setting fall into this category? If not then why not?

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