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Ununnilium: Removed the not-yet-aired-in-the-US Doctor Who ref.

Gus: Preserved here (spoiler fonted): Doctor Who: "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" featured a lycanthropic girl who could be forced to transform by nothing more than an "old devil moon" stage lamp gel. A society of werewolves also appears in the Big Finish audio Loups-Garoux (in which the Doctor notes that "There are so many forms of lycanthrophy," presumably to avoid any problems with continuity). And there was yet another werewolf in the new season this time it was meant as Queen Victoria's assasian.

Morgan Wick: Actually, most of that is non-spoilery and is in fact still in the entry. Only the last sentence, which Seth added, seems to be removed, and I think it's been moved to Doctor Who New Series Tropes anyway (albeit with only a link to the page).

Ununnilium: Indeed.

Seth Sorry didn't know the US airing i saw that episode ages ago, worth putting something like "Werewolves make an appearancein the new series episode Tooth and Claw" or just leave it?

Ununnilium: Just leave it. In the future, put any tropes in episodes that haven't shown yet in the US in Doctor Who New Series Tropes; at the moment, that's everything from "The Christmas Invasion" forward.

Licky Lindsay: I remember the term "Werewolf" being used in The Silmarillion, but I can't remember what it referred to.

arromdee: Incidentally, I did not intentionally remove the three webcomic items; I'm not sure what happened.
Semi-Known Troper: Have moved the discusion of werewolf-characteristcs over to Our Werewolves Are Different. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to differenciate the two pages furthur (if it comes down to a cut, the new page is definatly superior)?

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: If this page survives the move to cut it, it should be what standard werewolves are like—the archetypical variety. We have both a Dracula page and an Our Vampires Are Different page; why can't we have both a Wolfman page, describing the classic Wolf Man variants, and an Our Werewolves Are Different page?

Nornagest: Cut the natter from the following:

* Alpha Luna! The 57th best werewolf comic on the internet! Go read it now!
**Alright, who changed my "best werewolf comic on the internet" quote to "57th best werewolf comic on the internet" as a TakeThat? Just because it rarely updates doesn't mean it's bad. I like it <:( .

First, 57th, I don't care. The example fits, but the only part of it that matters is the link.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Yikes. I don't want this article cut, especially not after seeing how many examples it's accumulated, but both it and Our Werewolves Are Different need editing. (I'd think better about the Cut List proposal if the fella doing the entry had spelled Our Werewolves Are Different correctly - but not much.)

Prfnoff: I'm against cutting this article. Our Werewolves Are Different suggests that it's a specific kind of werewolf, but the current description for Wolf Man is too generic. To help make Wolf Man less about the generic werewolf stuff, I shifted its last two paragraphs to Our Werewolves Are Different. Wolf Man still Needs a Better Description, but I don't know quite where to draw the line...

Meta Four: I also think this page should be kept.

Rebochan: I'm for keeping this page too. Wolf Man is a really specific archetype that should be separate.

Zenoseiya: The two pages should be merged. What is the difference exactly? It's the difference between Japanese Vampire and Our Vampires Are Different (the tropes both follow the exact same rules, that is, all vampires are different). As it is, there is nothing that separates them other than writer fiat (they both have the exact same level of generic-ness).