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Solandra: I thought the Jabberwocky poem was supposed to be just nonsense? Doesn't really have that "I must slay the Jabberwock before next brillig to get my father to appreciate me!" ring to it.

Lale: You have to read between the lines.

Morgan Wick: I had a lit teacher that interpreted it as a game of pretend and the father is just playing along.

Lale: Lewis Carroll himself would probably say "Correct" to both theories... or "Incorrect" to all theories. ("Why is a raven like a writing desk?")

Getty Le Fou: The first time I saw this, I read Son Guy as a term of address, so I thought the title was supposed to read, "Well done, Son Guy." I just now realized how it was supposed to read. I still like my original reading better, though.

Headache John I shared Getty's reading at first. I use it to praise people at work.

Alan: i think Naruto and Sasuke should be added to this. Kakashi said (admmittedly this happens before Sasuke goes over to the Dark Side) that what Naruto most wants is to earns not his, or Jiraih's, but Sasuke's respect. Course the secobd thing he wants out of life is to get the respect of the rest of the village.

Geoduck: I snipped the Ford/Zaphod quote; two quotes are enough, and while Ford may be literally the only person in the universe whose opinion genuinely matters to Zaphod, it's not remotely Zaphod's driving force in life..