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From You Know That Thing Where:
headshot ED: Gone and sorted most of the examples in the "other" section. Still a couple I'm not so sure about.

MCE: Well I've started that re-organisation.

MCE: This article really needs to be spit into sections, I'll do a bit but it's looking like a big job.

Ununnilium: The Death example [for Clown Car Base] reminds me of something. There are quite a few recent fictional-universes where the Masquerade is basically held up by the idea that humans literally can't see things too weird for them. Needs to be a trope, IMHO.

Andyroid: I'm with you, Un. Where would it fall, though? Narrative Devices? More importantly, what'll we call it? A few ideas I've had include That Didn't Happen, Just My Imagination, or Marsh Gas.

Ununnilium: How about Weirdness Censor? Narrative Devices sounds good.

Andyroid: I like the sound of Weirdness Censor. I'd write it up, but I can't think of any examples except Discworld.

Red Shoe: How much does this overlap with Invisible to Normals?

Looney Toons: Since Invisible to Normals explicitly invokes the Sunnydale Syndrome as a synonym, it may already be the trope in question...

Ununnilium: I'd say this is a subtrope. Looking at the examples, some are this trope; some are the heroes actively using magic or science to disguise their battles; and some are just everybody ignoring it for no apparent reason (a la No Big Deal).

Randallw: I question the section about buskers. I gather the gist of the article is people ignore what's out of the ordinary. I wonder if ignoring buskers is deliberate as people notice them but really wish they weren't polluting the street with their overrated amateur noise making. Me angry, really?. My sister was a busker on one occasion and I still despise the entire concept. Personal hatred aside I still think there's a difference between ignoring things because they can't exist/they're everyday, and not wanting anything to do with them.

Ross N: While I also don't buskers count as part of this trope I think it is even simpler: people often just don't want to give out money, and so long as they can pretend they haven't seen the busker they won't feel guilty in completely ignoring him. On the other if they make eye contact they will feel a bit more self conscious about not paying.

sickishfish: Removed the buskers. While I thought the examples were good, interesting stories, they weren't good examples of people ignoring things that are too strange. Buskers may be ignored, but the examples did not make a good argument that this is caused by weirdness.
arromdee: This was subverted, perhaps by accident, in a recent Power Rangers series where a girl wore pink constantly, far more than you'd expect from it being normal clothes. People were expecting her to be a pink Ranger at least temporarily (there wasn't one in the Japanese series, but the American series someimes adds stuff). I think it was either Dino Thunder or Mystic Force, but I forget which series and I forgot the name of the girl. Does anyone remember?
Madd-The-Sane:I don't know if this counts, so I'm putting it up here. In Gold Digger, there was one issue where the main characters wanted to go to the front of a shopping line. Brittany, the local Were-cheetah, attempts to intimidate the rest of the shoppers by snarling and roaring, but only gets greetings from the shoppers.
BritBllt: I was going to move this entry from The Unmasqued World to here...

  • In BtVS, the entire senior class teams up to overthrow the Mayor when he becomes a demon. This should result in an Unmasqued World...but doesn't, apparently.

...but I can't think of any good way to work it into the existing Buffy entry. I'll leave it on the discussion page, though, in case anyone wants to give it a try.

arromdee: That's Extra-Strength Masquerade.

athcnv: Hmm....would the lyrics to Wherever, whenever by Shakira go here? It took a surprisingly long time for anyone to believe me when I told them about the lines "Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them, with mountains)."