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Silent Hunter: I think Schlock Mercenary warrants its own entry. It's great.

Seth: A lot of these do, ive been meaning to make an entry for Megatokyo, PVP and Penny Arcade for a while. I say do it.

Smapti: Removed the entry for Red Meat, which is in fact a print comic that happens to be syndicated online. If we have an article on printed daily/weekly strips of note (do we?), it should go there instead.

Morgan Wick: We should have articles relating to printed daily/weekly strips in general instead.

Do webcomics now deserve their own spot on the sidebar?

stabbyfairy: Do numbers go before or after letters? I wanted to include 8-Bit Theater.

Fast Eddie: {{8-Bit Theater}} should work. (Edit this, to see the mark-up.)// later: Hmm. Not so much. You can use 8-Bit Theatre, though.

stabbyfairy: Ahh, that should work. Thanks. =) Now, where to put it in the alphabetical list... Beginning or end?

Fast Eddie: The beginning, methinks.

Ununnilium: Erin Of Arcadia, those ones weren't italicized because it messes with the navigation — thus, why series on pages like Animated Shows aren't italicized.
Sci Vo: I made a page for Erfworld, so I trimmed its entry here into something that people would be less likely to TL;DR. Hope that's okay.

Sockatume: I changed the description of Three Panel Soul. NEW?! Perhaps, but it is of quite excellent vintage. And now I feel old because I realise I started reading Machall about half a decade ago.

Meta4: Hey, the indexing doohickey ( <<|NotableWebcomics|>>, that one) sticks Mundane Fantastic in between College Roomies from Hell!!! and Count Your Sheep. What's up with that?

Fast Eddie: It thought the plus mark right next to a link was something good to eat.

Qit el-Remel: "Religious stridency" is too kind a phrase to apply to the attitude of the guy behind Tales Of The Questor. "Frothing bigotry with proclamations of religion as an excuse" is a bit closer. (I mean, it's pretty sad when the page about someone on EncyclopediaDramatica is actually fairly accurate...) I'm changing it to "biases."

Heroesfangirl66: How come Red String isn't on here?

Meta4: Because you haven't added it yet. "...the only requirement to be on this list is that one contributor read them. After all, There Is No Such Thing as Notability."

Maarvarq: Re: Candi, is it worth mentioning that the angsty teens own an intelligent, *flying* ferret, whose existence (and war with the neighbourhood squirrels) sits a little oddly with the rest of the strip? Or is it no more jarring than Snoopy's flights of fancy and Tardis doghouse in Peanuts?

Cassy: Please, please. Can I add Piled Higher and Deeper?? Give token appreciation to a no-life grad student :bbb.

Some Guy: Could someone please divide this article into smaller ones or something? This is seriously too big for its own good. And I refuse to believe that all these webcomics are notable, or at least as equally notable as this article implies. There is something inherently wrong with Penny Arcade having a far shorter entry than Umlaut House. I honestly kind of want to add John Solomon's blog on here just so that there can be an opposing point of view to the one seen here that almost every single webcomic in existence is worth reading.

P.S. Yes, I know there's lots more webcomics out there than just these. But seriously. This article? Way too big.

Ninjacrat: Welcome to not-wikipedia. Where, among our exciting attributes, we are not Wikipedia! :p

Colin: Yeah, remember There Is No Such Thing as Notability. And if you want to add Solomom's blog, add it to Popular Webcomic Sites.

Meta4: Solomon's blog is already on Popular Webcomic Sites. I added it back before it died and came back. And it bears repeating that There Is No Such Thing as Notability. The instant we start saying such-and-such webcomic isn't important enough to include, we'll be setting ourselves up as freaking arbiters of taste and the wiki will be consumed in Flame Wars.

Some Guy: I wasn't suggesting that we actually start stripping "unworthy" webcomics from the page, just using the Penny Arcade / Umlaut House analogy to illustrate that the sheer size of this article is such that the information simply isn't that helpful. It seems to me like it would be far more constructive if we split this into a whole series of notable articles- Notable Gaming Webcomics, Notable Furry Webcomics, Notable Transgender Webcomics, etc. That way, if someone comes to this site actually looking for a list of notable webcomics, they aren't deluged with a ridiculous number of webcomics which have very little to do with each other aside from being published on the web.

Some Guy: I have finished splitting off this page into subsections. The main substantative changes I made was just moving the information around, but I also shortened the longer entries and integrated subentries into the original entries. I also removed all language that explicitly said that certain webcomics were great. The More You Know.

Meta4: Made of Win, Some Guy. A few quibbles:

Brickman: Personally, I don't like the reorganization, mostly because you only allowed each comic to appear once. That just doesn't work. Probably MOST of them belong in at least two or three of those lists, and putting each in just one makes it impossible to find them. It'll take a good deal of effort, but I bet we could copy-paste enough list items to fix this problem. . . if noone's opposed to it. And as Meta said, "Traditional" and "Normal" are completely worthless as descriptors, especially when you can have both of them and they mean different things.

SomeGuy: I freely admit that normal and traditional are not particularly outstanding names, just the best I could think of at the time. I agree with Meta that "traditional" should be "Gag A Day" instead, but Normal does need more explanation. Normal is supposed to refer to strips with a clearly defined beginning and ending, more like graphic novels than others webcomics. It's meant to distinguish them from strips which are pretty much just a nevereneding story. I am totally open to changing that page's name, since there honestly has to be a better adjective for "like a graphic novel" than just normal. It might be possible to deal with both of your complaints by removing all "notable" articles which currently have non-notable counterparts and simply repatriating them into the exisitng categories. I still think that separating Science Fiction and Fantasy, while hairy, is a necessary evil since merging those articles together will just create another ridiculously huge page, especially after repatriation. I'm also thinking that it might be a good idea to make a Notable Meta Webcomics page.

Meta4: There isn't anything preventing us from listing individual comics in multiple lists, as long as they apply. Order Of The Stick can go in both stick figure webcomics and fantasy webcomics (and gaming webcomics, if we want to expand its definition beyond videogames).

SomeGuy: You're right, but I'm starting to think that there may have been too many categories in the first place, and Brickman did note the awkwardness of having a Stick-Figure Comic page and a notable page on the same topic. I think they should be reduced to six categories: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Meta, Sliceof Life, Sliceof Drama (to replace normal), and Sliceof Everything (to cover the many webcomics that jump around all five of the other topics, replacing embellished). This would also make checking for individual comics in the notable pages easier, since Order Of The Stick now would only clearly be fantasy- and it would also maintain its entry in the Stick-Figure Comic page. My mind is devoting an embarassing amount of mental energy to making this page utterly perfect, so yeah, thoughts?

Brickman: I think you attributed something Meta4 said to me but regardless, that sounds like a much better system. I'd go with "dramatic" rather than "slice of drama" and "General" or something similar for "Slice of life", in the name of SPOON, "Gaming" is probably big enough for a category of its own (two gamers on a couch is probably enough for a category on its own, honestly, but we're being more general than that), and what you mean by Meta is ambiguous, but otherwise good.

SomeGuy: I came to the page just now ready to make all the modifications mentioned but found out somebody beat me to the punch. In any case, awesome. This isn't quite how I would have refitted the page, but this is starting to turn into something to be proud of. The only thing left that I see is that the Furry Comic entries need to be distributed to the notable categories.

Meta4: I'm working on this. I think Furry Comic is enough of a genre of its own that it deserves a listing in the "Notable" section, so I stuck the existing Furry Comic article among the Notables (PotHoleed as "Notable Furry Webcomics") and re-organized its examples. Though something like Freefall could fit in both Sci-Fi and Furry, so it should be listed in both.

SomeGuy: We might have to agree to disagree here- the Furry Comic seems to me to be more like an art style than an actual genre. One Furry Comic could have a completely different theme than another- it makes more sense to put them in the non-notable category when we consider that while a Furry Comic can also be Sci-Fi, I do not currently know of any Furry Comic which can also be classified as a Pixel Comic. In any case, I personally will not do anymore (structural) edits to this page.

Fast Eddie: It looks like the index names hold up without the word "Notable" in the title. If that works for everyone, I can a run a thing on the server to rename them.

Meta4: I don't care either way.

Cukeman: Is self-plugging OK?

Some Guy: I'm inclined to say no, but if you post it here on discussion I'll read it and decide whether or not it's notable. Yes, I know There Is No Such Thing as Notability, but come on. Tooting your own horn isn't cool.

Cukeman: Too true. 'S why I wanted to check... Anyway, the (poorly-coded) site is Pyre Mechanics. Enjoy it, if at all possible.

Gracie Lizzie:Sorry if Notabl Fan Webcomics was exorcised at one point. I didn't know if it was disallowed or something for being too short. But it bugged me that it existed but wasn't included.
KiTA: When was Notable Transgender Webcomics killed off? Edit: Looks like around August 08. No discussion about it being killed and the index is still being used on several pages. I propose bring it back as Notable Transgender Webcomics or perhaps Notable Transformation Webcomics. We already have Transformation Comic, so a good part of that would just involve changing it to an index page.

Matt: I assume you do not want authors adding their own works to the webcomic list, so I will add my link here for you to look at: Relatively Irrelevant. I'm the author of this webcomic; some of my friends also submit episodes (full list, by date). Be warned... there's lots of self-insertion. Also, Cerebus Syndrome. Any feedback - good, bad - is welcome.