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Scifantasy: I find fault with the 1984 example. Newspeak doesn't even have capital letters; what it does is standardize adjectives and adverbs, and while it does abbreviate and combine words, it's for different effect—as in, to remove words for concepts which are disagreeable.

Pavlov: I agree. I always thought Wiki words were from modern programming languages, giving us variables like TotalFoodTax. Perhaps it should be softened to something like "1984's NewSpeak can be considered an early example of the form."

This trope also might be combining more than one concept. There's a reference to Lewis Carroll's portmanteau, which dates back to 1871, making this one of The Oldest Ones in the Book. Cyber Punk is more 80's. Granted, the present is the past's future but this article makes me dizzy!

Ununnilium: No, portmanteaus don't make this one of The Oldest Ones in the Book. They're a different concept; they don't use capital letters in the middle of words, for one thing.

(holds back rant on how overused The Oldest Ones in the Book is getting)

Red Shoe: Yay for the odatmb quote, but I'm wondering: would, "Shall I sing you to syntho-sleep, after the techno-lovin'" be funnier here?
Qit el-Remel: "DraeneiExpys" is deliberately struck out because S.L. Viehl's books pre-date WoW, and it's more likely that Blizzard cribbed from her than the other way around. However, it's part of the Take That! at Viehl. (Notice that it's CamelCased.)
pgl:I think this article should be called "We Will Use WikiWords In The Future". (Is that actually even possible?)

About the Demolition Man example, it's cops doing the "murderdeathkill" thing, so shouldn't it be said they're using it instead of "homicide?"