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Rogue 7: Would Tsukihime count? Some of the endings are pretty goddamn depressing (based on the Let's Play I read of it)- Hisui's involves Kohaku manipulating SHIKI and Ahika to kill each other, and then killing herself, and revealing the horrific abuse she suffered growing up.

Dentaku: Sure. Utsuge is more a label than a defined genre of games. Most arcs in the Key/Visual Arts games start out happy and venture into utsuge-territory in the end, for instance.

Norwegian Guy: "Utsuge" is also a Norwegian term, meaning to "suck out". How appropriate.

I thought this was some kind of hair that signified beauty, like Ahoge. Haha.

randomfanboy: Trope Discussion In The Main Page, regarding Gears Of War:
  • I don't think that just that qualifies this for the trope. No one, to this troper's knowledge, has ever cried for this game, unlike the two above examples.

Cause yeah, they have. Carmine 2's death? Dom's Shoot the Dog moment? Tai's death? The ending? Although I'll give you the first one, that wasn't quite as bad.

Dark Titan Zagalt: ... Seriously? There are people who can become emotionally attached to characters from a Cliffy B game? Don't get me wrong, I love Gears of War, but... seriously??