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Red Shoe: It might not be adequately distinct from what's already been mentioned, but how about instances where a contradiction from previously established facts happens not because of a deliberate choice to un-happen the event, but just because this isn't the sort of show where the writers care much about continuity, so they weren't paying attention. "Continuity Error" seems accurate enough, but it hasn't got a lot of pizazz.

Idle Dandy: The X-Files famously, er, notoriously had no show "bible" to record important information. The Golden Girls paid no attention to continuity either. No Show Bible, perhaps?

Ungvichian: Spongebob Squarepants had an episode where Plankton overworks the title character hoping that he might be able to get the recipe for Krabs' burgers from him... right after A Movie in which he actually stole the recipe.

Ununnilium: That may be intentional, though, with the movie being considered a separate continuity. Certainly the Krusty Krab 2 hasn't shown up in the TV show.

Dark Sasami: I think that what there needs to be is an entry for Show Bible, so people know what one is, and then another one for the effects of the lack thereof. We Dont Need No Steenking Bible, maybe.

macroscopic: SpongeBob already had Negative Continuity so The Movie isn't any more or less canon than any one episode.

Added Series Bible as a redirect - there were four or five references to it by that name on the page itself.