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Caswin: How is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition "Glurge-filled"? I don't remember any Glurge in that show...

Fanti Sci: Accusations of Glurge in E.M. stem from a couple of sources, varying from doubts over the sincerity of the presenters with regard to the Littlest Cancer Patient, to being one giant advert that masquerades as a human interest story. They are only accusations (one person's Glurge is another's Crowning Moment of Heartwarming), but in light of some events (such as families apparently in danger of losing their massive houses for peculiar upkeep/tax reasons, and pretty much being left to deal with it without any help), there seems to be a fair amount of cynicism about the show.

Sir Lemming: I question the validity of the Fox News example. Perhaps it would make sense if Bill O'Reilly was directly involved in the creation of Fox's various smutty shows, but he's just on the same network. Isn't a TV network allowed to broadcast multiple viewpoints? (2 TV networks owned by the same company, no less?) A more pertinent example would be O'Reilly's questionable sexual escapades, though I think the Squickiness of that made people block it out of their minds.