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Seth: I thought this said Ultraviolence at first. Then it occurred to me we need more Kubrick references.

Fast Eddie: Somebody mentioned "Milia Jovovich movie Ultraviolet from 2006", so it gives me a chance to go "Pee-yew, stinkah!" How do you frack up that many cool ideas in just a couple of hours?

Sean Tucker: Simple. You use Executive Meddling. From what I've been reading, Kurt Wimmer was forced to make it PG-13 instead of R, which meant toning everything down. Original pitch: Hellsing meets Equilibrium meets Half-Life 2. Toned down one: Blade with less blood and an over-reliance on Rule of Cool.

ccoa: I'd like to move this page to the Series namespace and make the Main page a disambiguation page. When I linked up the film Ultraviolet page I noticed a lot of the time the examples on the trope pages were pointing to the already existing page (this one). This is likely to happen again as time goes on.
Rissa: What do we do with WMG/Ultraviolet? Move it to WMG/UltravioletTheTVSeries or something?

ccoa: I'd say just put a divider on the page for now. In fact, I shall do that now. I'll bring it up on the forum thread about the disambiguation pages and works with same names and see if we can get a better solution.
SpiriTsunami: We have disambiguation pages now? Cool...