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The Grim Sleeper: I'd like to discus a name change. New name: Pulling a Sigma.

Why change it? Turns Red can refer to any number of things, like the way enemies blink red when hurt, or how Color-Coded for Your Convenience makes the distinction between a weak enemy and a strong one, or even the color-scheme of player #2. Stack on that that the color-only-change is something from the older games, where the option for full-scale One-Winged Angel-esque transformations was unavailable due to hardware-constrains.

Why this name: According to The Other Wiki on the page on megaman x characters it's called that way by some gamers, because the character named sigma does this as a default tactic. (use a word search for "pulling a Sigma")

Callix: Random tangent: Tritium-3 is a bit redundant. It's either Tritium or Hydrogen-3, not a mishmash of the two.