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Susan Davis: This trope name makes me think of travel or a hasty exit. Would Training Montage work better as a name? That's what it's called in the Buffy quote....

Tabby: No, the association with the song is too important.

Seth: I think Training Montage works better since A-I didn't know the name of the song and didn't get it until i saw the Drawn together example and B-they use this montage with other songs as well C-The title also made me think of a hasty exit rather than what it was intended.

//Little Later: How about calling it Training Montage and have in the text "Also known as a Gonna Fly Now Montage, after the song in rocky..." ect then the examples still all work and there is precedence of doing stuff like this within the wiki.

Ununnilium: I like this name better. It's not that confusing - you won't just read past it figuring that it's a montage about making a hasty exit, because there's no such thing; you'll click on the link to find out what it is.

Seth: I just dont think it is very Mnemonic

Looney Toons: I agree with Ununnilium. And for at least some of us of a certain age, this name zeroes in perfectly on the target.

Seth: Ive set up a redirect at Training Montage just to make it easier to link to and so that either can be used as a compromise.

Your Obedient Serpent: I found the page by searching for "Training Montage", but I like "Gonna Fly Now Montage" better.

Seth: Then the redirect has done its job

Your Obedient Serpent notes that the Daffy Duck cartoon mentioned is decades older than any of the other examples — including Rocky. Can anyone find a Gotta Fly Now Montage that predates it? It would be really funny if the Oldest One in this particular Book was such a perfect subversion.

octochan: I've never watched Rocky, so I believed training montages were supposed to be done to 'Eye of the Tiger'? Ok, I went and actually listened to and recognized the song, so NOW I can associate the one with the other, but you might as well call it Rocky Montage if you don't want to go with the obvious name.

Prioris: As much as I like the name, I agree that this should probably be merged into Training Montage, or vice versa. For all intents and purposes, they're the same thing with different music.

In other news, there's a Budweiser commercial out in the US now where practically the whole commercial is a Training Montage (a second-string Clydesdale manages to make the Bud wagon team with the help of a Dalmatian coach). The music used is - wait for it - "Gonna Fly Now." Should this be included?