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The Many Storied Life launched as Theory of Narrative Causality: From YKTTW

Tanto: I seem to remember there being some interesting discussion here, pre-Crash...

Anyway. This quote...

Quilt: I have deduced that your old girlfriend escaped death because she was pregnant with your love-child and this Oracle Hunter is none other than your long-lost daughter!
Donovan Deegan: And how, praytell, did you deduce all that?
Quilt: Because it's very dramatic.
--Dominic Deegan, [1] better suited for Rule of Drama, if it's suited for anywhere. (It may be too long to be a page quote.) I also deleted more Final Fantasy Tactics Advance "Marche is Hitler" flamebait, because it's just more bitching about a nonexistant plot hole and doesn't even have anything to do with this trope.

Pulled FFTA again. No characters in the game demonstrate Genre Savviness, nor is the Theory of Narrative Causality applied in any fashion. It's Complaining About Games You Dont Like.

LOL @ the banner ads on the parent page for a book called The Principles of Successful Manifesting.