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Considering how /effective/ Genki Dama and Kaioken are, I'm surprised they are up here. Kaioken just seems less effective because the gap in power between Goku and the later villains he uses it on widens and widens. Against people more his level, he easily destroys them with it. But against Freeza, he was forced to turn it on as high as he could stand it for as long as he could just to stand a chance. Also, on the same note, the Genki Dama is effective all three times it uses, twice ending the fight right there, and once badly injuring the foe, despite the first two times it not even being completed or at near full power for what WAS gathered.

Great Limmick: Furthermore, regarding Kaioken, at one point King Kai and several of Goku's dead buddies are watching Goku fight. One of them asks why Goku isn't using Kaioken, and King Kai reveals that he is, although he's not calling the attack. Presumably, this behavior continues for the remainder of the series— Kaioken becomes the new baseline from which Goku improves, and people simply stop pointing it out.

Unknown Troper: But what does it have to do with Worf?

Big T: Links are there for clicking. Try reading The Worf Effect.

Duckluck: Speaking of The Worf Effect, I've noticed that a lot of links to this page are actually talking about The Worf Effect. I'm not sure whether that means we should change the name to something besides a Checkovs Pun, or just fix the links, but it's worth keeping in mind.

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  • Nanoha's Starlight Breaker, Divine buster and Divine Buster EXTENDED! Attacks which have enough power to rip a Time Distortion in Space, when Nanoha used Divine Buster on Quattro she still survived. An attack that could kill Jesus Himself.
    • It still blasted through a battleship and completely knocked Quattro out in one shot. This troper would attribute Quattro's survival to Nanoha not wanting to kill her than any toughness on Quattro's part.

As mentioned in the added message, not really an example. Different intent for one (more emphasis on Nanoha not killing than on her target being tough).

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  • Also Rasengan. Considering what it did to trees and water tanks, this troper was expecting Kabuto to be splattered across the screen when Naruto used it on him, but no...
    • Rasengan ends up being Naruto's best attack, and the one he uses to finish off 90% of his enemies.
    • And it still doesn't splatter someone across the screen, despite being shuriken-shaped.
    • We were also told he started to heal himself before Naruto even hit him with the Rasengan, so the damage was going to be less than it normally would anyway. But then again...he thinks to himself that there's enough damage done he can't repair it all without running out of chakra...

The first Justifying Edit is right; Naruto has beaten almost all of his opponents using either Rasengen or a variation of it. It's practically a Finishing Move. And the reason why it doesn't splatter people across the screen is because Naruto is a kid's show. Yes, even in Japan.