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Clerval: Oh. Well, I was thinking I'd launch this a little later, but never mind. Thanks.

Clerval: I've removed this because the Ophelia is all about blighted youth, not about being past her prime. Maybe there's some correspondence that could be noted but I can't quite think how to phrase that at present.

Twin Bird: Um...Luna Lovegood is a tragic figure?

Momonga: In some ways. She's had a very lonely life: her mom died, her dad loves her very much but seems rather out of it, she doesn't seem to have any friends until she's fifteen years old, she's generally isolated and mocked at school, and she has the Cassandra element in that people don't believe her even when she's telling the truth. She sort of subverts the Ophelia trope, though, in that she's sane, if a little odd; everyone just thinks she's crazy. In my opinion, Luna is such an interesting character because she can be hilarious one moment and tragic the next.