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J: Two things - I can't decide whether The Blue Sword is High or Low Fantasy, nor am I certain whether to list Luthe as The Obi-Wan or The Dumbledore, or if he's something else altogether.

High Five: Mind if I alphabetize the examples?

J: Not at all. I just wish more people on the internet had read this book so we could flesh this entry out a bit more.

J: I'm not sure if Mighty Whitey fits, since it's a plot point that Harry does carry the blood of the hills. Granted, she comes into Damarian society as an outsider and earns a place in that society's top ranks through mastery of their arts, but it's implied that the only reason she can do so (at least, the only reason she does so so quickly) is because of the magical gift she inherited from her Damarian ancestor (grandmother, if I remember correctly).