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Insanity Prelude: Would Scott Westerfield's Uglies books count as the evil version of this? Since, you know, the brain lesions that come with becoming "pretty" and all.

Vampire Buddha: Removed this:
* Truth in Television; this troper knows a girl who practically defines the good version of this trope, taking it to almost Mary Sue standards of perfection.

Cassy: Hahaha, too tempting! I'm just like, "somebody's bound to write "Truth in Television: Me!" *hmm, nobody looking?*

Kilyle: I realize the picture there of xxxHolic or whatever is meant to seem beautiful... and does seem sorta beautiful... but the arms on that girl just give me shivers. Remind me of the hero of The Ear, the Eye and the Arm where The Arm has limbs just a little too long for his body, making him look like a spider demon... which he does use to his advantage at one point. Still... brrrrr.

Matthew The Raven: Yeah, we need a better picture. It's just ugly and creepy.
Solandra: Removed:
** Yeah, well Twilight has made vampires into Mary Sues. No rational being would turn down becoming such a creature, since apparently their craving for blood runs only so deep that it requires a slight bit of moral discipline to consume lower animals instead of humans. To sum up, This Troper wants his vampires as vicious, soulless, albeit seductive Always Chaotic Evil killers back.
because it's Natter and Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.