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11:44:03 AM Feb 16th 2012
Re cut: This page has 350 inbounds, please don't cut. I will have to restore it otherwise.
05:55:49 AM May 12th 2012
Why is this a locked, empty page? Why not a redirect to The Beautiful Elite?
03:49:48 PM Jan 3rd 2011
Suggestion: can we change the title of this trope to World of Bishonen?
10:42:13 PM Jun 27th 2011
Considering it's widely applicable outside anime and manga, I don't see the value of giving it an anime/manga specific name. "The Beautiful People" is a common phrase that means exactly what this trope implies, while there are pleny of people who have no idea what the word "Bishonen" means. Aside from which, this trope applies to beautiful women just as much as beautiful men.
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