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Jonny D: Anyone who ended up here from Temple O Traps, it looks like someone went ahead and copied the content from there to a new Temple of Doom without setting up a redirect. Since it looks like Temple Of Doom is now the main version of this article, I've set up a redirect. The discussion from Temple O Traps appears below:

Temple O Traps Discussion
Tanto: Ugh, this name sucks.

SAMAS: You got a better one, then use it with my blessing. Please, please use it. ^_^

HeartBurn Kid: Temple of Doom? After all, there's no denying that most games that use temple levels draw scads of inspiration from Indiana Jones...

Kimiko Muffin: I'm going to have to find/make a screenshot from Tomb Raider: Anniversary that shows these ruins that don't look all that odd when you're Adventurer Archaeologist-ing through them, but from a distance, you realize they look really contrived.