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Katsuhagi: Since I'm not entirely comfortable adding examples for other people I'll let you do it on your own, preferably in alphabetical order namewise. Or whatever works, since this is Just for Fun.

Servbot: Hm, wouldn't it have been better to use the same format as Crowning Moment of Awesome? You know, to make things more accessible for our Unknown Troper friends?

Katsuhagi: I think you're right. I've been unsure how to do this, but that might be best. Otherwise it'll get needlessly complicated. I'll start reformatting it.

TMX: Am I to belive this entry doesn't have an Avatar the Last Airbender reference? Granted I can't think of anything on that show that brought me to tears. Though considering the death toll on the show, I'm sure somebody has.

  • Akivara: Tales of Ba Sing Se, the Tale of Iroh. That's pretty much unanimous among avatards.

In Other Media, the Thai Life Insurance commercials are listed as one of exactly three things that can make Anonymous cry. The Literature section leads me to believe Love You Forever is the second. And behind door number three?

Sean Tucker: At 5:23 AM Central Time on 8/4/08, either the database or a wiki vandal ate all the pages connected to this. Can someone restore it?

Fast Eddie: Just a little reorganizing underway. The pages are there. They have just been moved into their own section.

MikoGalatea: Because some of the Tear Jerker pages have gotten pretty long, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to split them up further by giving individual series with lots of examples their own pages, like what's been done with Fetish Fuel. I've tentatively added subpages for some anime and game series; feel free to add more series, or just delete them if you disagree. ^^;

Occono: I launched Space Whale Tear Jerker, if you want to help split things up.