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Danel: I've brought this up elsewhere, but I'm really not convinced that the second Avatar case is an example of this. Everyone tells Aang that his only choice is to kill Ozai, which goes completely against his most sacred beliefs... and so he spends most of the finale struggling, ultimately successfully, to find another way. It's more take a second option than Take a Third Option, since no one considers an outcome involving successful genocide to be even remotely acceptable.

Document N: Doesn't sound different to me.
Why do I feel like I've heard the "one day, it lands on its edge" quote before? The Matrix? I guess it's possible I saw the Kain scene on X-Play, but that doesn't quite ring right with the memory. —Document N

Korgmeister: I find the present image of the "Paper or Plastic? Neither!" enviro-bag ironically hilarious. Those things are usually made out of Polypropelene.
Nano Moose: All right, I'm deleting the Prince of Persia example. Yes, it was an unusual choice, because we've been conditioned to expect the once-selfish hero to take the unselfish route, but that doesn't make it a 'third' option. I'm all but completely certain he just didn't give a crap if Ahriman got freed.

Nezumi: Erm... maybe I'm missing something, but as pointed out, it was a third option. Not a very good one, but given that it accomplished what he wanted while going counter to the two obvious choices cut a deal with Ahriman, or just allow her to die for the good of the world, it seems like it would still qualify.

Nano Moose: My problem is that calling it a 'third option' suggests subtext I don't think the scene really has; that he cared about anything beyond himself and Elika in the ordeal. Throughout the sequence, Ahriman whispers to the Prince how to bring back Elika, pointing out the whole time he's that going to be free if the Prince does this (and that Ormazd sucks and being imprisoned also sucks), and the Prince just goes and does it. I wouldn't call that taking a third option; I would call that explicitly giving in to the bad guy's wishes. I was under the impression that it was supposed to mirror the choice that Elika's father made. I mean, I could be crazy.

Nezumi: Okay, now what I remember from that scene is Ahriman not actually really so much offering to bring Elika back, or even saying how to, as just saying that Ormazd wasn't worth it and it wasn't worth keeping him imprisoned if Ormazd forced his followers to give up their lives while sacrificing nothing himself, and he should be freed. Also, it differs from Elika's father, in that he was explicitly offered this, and accepted — in the Prince's case, although there was influence from Ahriman, no deal was offered or taken, ultimately. This is also borne out in The Fallen King, where the Prince is decidedly not yet turning into one of the Corrupted, and trying his damnedest to get Ahriman imprisoned again to make up for his lapse in judgeent.

Nano Moose: As you say; "no deal was offered or taken." So, if no deal is offered, then no choice is available for it, and the Prince has only two options, and he takes one. And isn't The Fallen King and its status as canon kind of, erm, dubious? In the Epilogue the Prince still seems to think what he did was right/necessary. As far as I saw he never even so much as apologises.

My favorite was Leslie Nielsen's spoof in "Airplane":

- Rumack: What was it we had for dinner tonight?

- Elaine: Well, we had a choice of steak or fish.

- Rumack: Yes, yes, I remember, I had lasagna.
Greenygal: That picture is completely indecipherable.

Caswin: Then why don't I have any problems whatsoever understanding it? (And how is the Zork example a "third option" scenario? Heck, I had fun with the logic puzzles...)

Greenygal: There was a different picture up at the time, with unreadable text. This picture illustrates the point just fine.
  • Female Shepard had a third option...with Ashley. They had the scene ready and everything, except it was scrapped in the final game. Look it up on Youtube.

The scene wasn't dummied out, and the YouTube Fem Shep/Ashley screw was a very clever modding job.

Not sure if this counts but I figured I'd bring this up here. In the Biggest Loser Asia a Filipino is asked to choose between two countrymen who fell below the yellow line. Instead of choosing one he decided to vote for the host instead and This may also count as a C Mo H.

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