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Thunder Phoenix: I absolutely can't believe that I forgot about that scene from FFX.

Deus Ex Biotica: It's a good trope, but I'm not sure about the name. I was expecting... you know... "gotcha" moments which are actually suicidal, like Janeway-from-the future in the last episode of Voyager, or the similar tricks people do with vampires and holy water (drik the water, then get the vamp to drink you) from time to time. This trope isn't actually suicidal... more like a Rise Again or a Ledge Ploy or something.

Kilyle: Kinda same here. I think Ledge Ploy would do in a pinch. But surely there are enough of the actual suicidal "gotcha" moments to be a trope we should have. Places where the audience is set to expect some ploy, some miracle, even a Deus ex Machina to save the Hero - 'cuz why would he let himself get cornered like this and still have a smile on his face? - only it turns out his plan was to die.

wia: Just removed the duplicate entry for Back to the Future 2.