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From YKTTW Working Title: The Frank James

Fawn: Keep, it is a legitimate trope, why should it get deleted again? Besides, you caught me in the middle of editing it. I probably should have wrote the whole thing in notepad, and posted it when it was finished, instead of posting a page template and editing as i went. It has more examples now. As for the debatability of the examples, i put it under Subjective Tropes for that very reason.

Some Sort Of Troper: As far as I'm aware it was deleted once before for being a premature launch. This time the YKKTW went through plenty of discussion, fulfilled the Three Rules of Three, we specified the differences between this and related tropes. It may have problems still but this feels like a flippant cut listing.

Madrugada: I'm still having problems with a number of the examples. The James gang was not a duocracy; Frank was of lesser importance than Jesse. Ringo was not ignored by the fans; his fandom was, at one point, larger than that of John or Paul, and almost always larger than George's when the Beatles were together. He was the main character in the movie Help! for pete's sake. Garth isn't as prominent as Wayne in Wayne's World because the name of the CCTV show they make is "Wayne's World", not "Wayne and Garth's World". Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and the book it was based on, Who Censored Roger Rabbit are detective stories — of course they're going to focus on the detective, not the victim, and it was hardly a rare occurence for the victim to be mentioned in the title, while the detective isn't. This page just feels like "complaining that my preferred character's name comes last (or isn't mentioned in the name of the work at all").

Anon- I agree that it needs some major edits to make it more... correct, but it shouldn't be deleted.

Some Sort Of Troper: See this is a trope though the page needs some repair- the sort where you want people to gather in a makeshift forum or something. If only the site had such a function...

Fawn: I agree that it does needs some work, some of it sounds like Complaining About Your Favorite Characters Not Getting Enough Screen Time. I tried to make it a little less biased, but i don't know enough about Ringo or Frank, or most of the other examples, to judge whether they should go on the page or not. Perhaps someone who knows more about them could edit it so it would be more accurate, or maybe instead of being just about equal work for unequal credit, changing it to include equal potential? I don't think the problem is bad enough to delete this trope again.