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Seth: I could have sworn we had a trope on Synchronization or something like that which covers this.

BT The P: We do, but I like this better, and Synchronization isn't just twins. However, by this definition Cheech and Chong's Corsican Brothers don't count, as they are very unlike characters. To wit: "My brother is not Mexican!"

Ununnilium: Taking out:
  • Partially subverted in Mahou Sensei Negima!. Fuuka and Fumika Narutaki often act identically, but only when they both agree on something. More often than not, Fuuka is trying to drag her sister along on most of their pranks. Fumika, on the other hand, is much more reserved.

...because it's not a subversion, it's just not an example.

I'm not sure there's even a plausible way of changing this (how else do people know whether to read the spoilered portion or not?), but doesn't showing the name of the movie The Prestige give away several different things that can definitely spoil the movie for the plenty of people?