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Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: This is a common term. If "shovelware" is a derogatory term for "casual game," then it should remain a redirect. If not, we should define what it is. I'm uncomfortable with example-less articles on principle, but I understand why you don't want examples on a term with negative connotations... Anyway, if shovelware is a subset of "casual game," then this should stay as it is.

Willy Four Eyes: It's not. "Shovelware" merely means a piece of software that was made with little regard to quality of the product (some cases of Porting Disaster fall under this). This also includes things like those 500-games-in-1 CDs that used to be the big thing in the '90s. So no, "shovelware" is not just a "casual game" problem.

Hylarn: This could be worth having as a page defining the term, but it shouldn't be a redirect. Not really certain if it should have examples. It's definitely negative, but the examples are unlikely to be anything anyone cares about.

Cliché: Just kill the redirect and if you want, run a separate page on shovelware through YKTTW.