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Viktor Crowford: We need another page picture. I don't know how much her character fits, but she wears neither shorts nor a classical tanktop, so even IF she is an example, she can't be THE best example for a trope that derives it's name from the clothing. There is a reason we use Superman for The Cape.

Adonic Meki: So we have one example of someone who perfectly fits the trope (whom the trope was basically tailored to fit) and one person who acts kind of like it, but doesn't wear the right clothing. Are there more examples of this out there? Otherwise, I question if it's really a trope.

St Fan: Now that the trope is richer in examples, maybe it is time to trim those that don't quite fit.
Honestly, I think Rukia Kuchiki and Kagome Higurashi could be both removed, since those two examples are rather far-fetched. Maybe Kaori Makimura too, in fact.

Sgamer82: I wonder, can Karrin Murphy of The Dresden Files qualify as a shorttank, or does the character need to be younger than that (Murph's a police lieutenant at books' start)? If age isn't a factor, than Murph definitely qualifies, I think.