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FrauBlucher: amalgamated the two separate entries on the same spoilerrific moment in Fullmetal Alchemist - I believe the troper who wrote the second entry had missed the first due to not reading the part of it which was kept, very properly, in spoiler brackets. Re. the proposed title change - I recognised the trope from the title Shapeshifter Guilt Trip alone before reading through the entry, which to my mind means the existing title is doing its job perfectly.

Pro-Mole: Is the heading quote actually based on something? Cause if it's not, I vote for changing it to "You wouldn't hit your elderly mom with glasses, would you?". Elderly added to add emphasis.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Added an actually based on something quote; however, it can easily be changed.

However, I would like someone to look for a better picture for this one. Technically, the "evil Princess Peach" isn't a victim of a Shapeshifter Guilt Trip, but rather possession. It ends up working much the same storyline-wise, but still...

"Subverted in Order Of The Stick when Elan's Evil Twin Nale infiltrated the Order and finally got in position to attack Roy:
Roy: I think you've made a tactical error.
Nale: Oh? What's that?
Roy: I've been repressing the urge to beat the crap out of someone who looks exactly like you for a long time now."

I'm not sure this is an example, since IIRC Nale wasn't expecting to use his resemblance to Elan as an advantage against Roy. A better example would probably be Belkar pretending to be Lord Shojo in order to free a paladin from mind control in this comic:

Removed it now, but didn't add the other example in - I wasn't sure if it would fit with the trope, since no actual shapeshifting was involved.