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//Do any of the following qualify? — Ungvichian

Seth: Since the // thing isnt used anymore I moved the examples to a possible examples section which looks cleaner.

Shay Guy: Does the A Night at the Opera one really count? It didn't negate anything, the scene continued after that (Sanity Clause) as though the signature was a mere optional formality, and Fiorello was hardly sheepish - more like cheerful. As though it had nothing to do with his obvious masking of his illiteracy earlier.

Prfnoff: Moved The Bad Seed to the Revised Ending page.

Sikon: Would The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath count? At least judging by the Wikipedia plot summary. I haven't actually read the book.

Gabe: Lord Of The Flies, anyone?
Iritscen: Does anyone else think that "Of Mice and Men" is a bad example of a Shaggy Dog Story? It's a tragedy. Including it in the article is the same as saying that all tragedies are Shaggy Dog Stories because the story of that deceased character's life was never completed, so what was the point in our watching it in the first place? When really a person either appreciates tragedies or doesn't; but if they don't, that's not the tragedy's fault. The blurb even links to Complaining About Shows You Don't Like in an admission of this. Anyone mind if I take it out?

Ninjacrat: Go nuts. That ain't no shaggy dog.

Some Guy: I thought it was kind of funny, kind of a meta-joke about tropers making Complaining About Shows You Don't Like edits. Of course, in a formal sense, no, the entry is rather unjustified, so away with it.
Doug S Machina: Waiting for Godot: he never shows up. Does that really need spoilering?
Crustimoney Proseedcake: Perhaps some explanation of the way Death of a Salesman and The Crucible are Shaggy Dog Stories? If it's just the tragedy = shaggy dog story thing that led someone to put Of Mice and Men in, they should maybe be removed.
Artemis Leon: Since the page had no quote, and Viv's 8-Bit Theater entry from the quotes page fits so well, I moved it to the top of the main page.
DoomTay: Out of curiosity, can a work lose its Shaggy Dog Story status when there's a sequel focusing on the aftermath of the first story? In other words, the ending actually having effects elsewhere?