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Working Title: Rape Tropes: From YKTTW

Andrew: Whose idea was it to bombard the page with tropers' quotes instead of an actual description? Decided to cut them all and keep the one I found most amusing. >_>

Here are the others in case it's important to preserve them:

Don't blame us, we were forced to make an index for this... (or as they say, if indexing is inevitable...)
We weren't happy to learn we need an index for this...
The Moral Guardians will not be happy to learn we need an index for this...
None of us is happy to see that we need an index for this.
Does it say something creepy about us that we had to make an index for this?
Does it show how affected we are and oh, how much we care already?
- Various edits of TV Tropes's description for this page

WVI: It was mine, because it works. It's rather humorous how so many people echo the same thought, isn't it? That's the point.

Nornagest: Honestly, it seems less "echoing the same thought" and more "my one-liner is better than yours". I don't see the point of preserving everything.

WVI: Not the point at all. It's just proof that everyone is uncomfortable with this page, and not just the one guy who made the most recent edit. Replacing one line with another arbitrary one, like what we've been doing, is much closer to "my one-liner is better than yours". This is the best way of doing it.

Ishntknew: The lack of a real description seems like "eww we don't want to touch this". Rather than providing assurance that we're about to handle the subject with as much sensitivity and maturity as we can muster, it makes it seem like we want to sweep it under the rug and pretend it's not there. I don't think I need to say why this is a bad thing (the fact that this page exists at all seems to indicate that people realize its necessity), but it provides the air of "If we had our way, we'd never bring it up at all, much less talk about it". A condemnation is fine, but it should be for the act itself, not the discussion thereof. Second, why is something saying homicide is worse being linked to Fate Worse Than Death? And third, this may just be me, but the last line of the description seems mean-spirited and exasperated more than anything.

das: Speaking as someone who only pressed this index out of entirely morbid curiosity mixed with sheer terror at its very existence, I must say that, from my perspective, it works the way it is just fine and says what probably is on the minds of most people looking at this page. As to the other points, it is just an index page. The Fate Worse Than Death link after the specific mention of homicide ("the only thing worse than a fate worse than death is... death?") is pretty clumsy, though, I'll give you that.

WVI: For the record, somebody else added that last line afterwards. I dunno who or why.