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Crazyrabbits: This description:

"The upcoming Iron Man has a subtle hook. Notice in the trailer how Tony Stark never seems to let a free moment pass without a handy stiff drink. Obviously, the producers are setting up the sequels where Stark has to fight his "Demon In A Bottle."

You are describing a movie that has (as of this writing, March 24th, 2008) not premiered in theatres. Unless you happen to have read the final script or know that the film is going to end with Tony Stark taking a nice long drink of bourbon, this is technically not an example.

Chuckg: But it is now! Re-added the entry.

Haven: I think the page quote should be the end of Psychonauts where someone says "The President has been kidnapped!" and Lili responds "Oh no, 'Dad!!" Which is the most blatant sequel hook I've ever heard, although I can't seem to find the exact words online, and a sequel is almost certainly not going to happen =/

Nornagest: Yanking this:

  • Kill Bill: The only survivor of the House of Blue Leaves massacre, Sophie, finds out from Bill that the Bride's daughter isn't dead.

This isn't a hook for a possible sequel, it's a teaser halfway through a unified story. The Bride's hit list is less than half empty at that point.

KJMackley I took out two comments, the comment on Catwoman for The Dark Knight and Tony Stark never putting down a drink. The reason is that a sequel hook is about taking a brief moment to hint towards a future storyline. Both of those are a Mythology Gag combined with a fan's wishful thinking. A sequel hook should be noticable to even non-fans in the realm of the individual story.