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Earnest: I don't know what it is about this entry that's roused the serial tweaker in me. Anyhoo, if someone wants to look over the table I'd greatly appreciate it, I get the feeling I'm overlooking some subtle nuance in the fluid/abrupt scale.

Lupis42: I can't help but wonder about Babylon 5's position as relatively fluid. I'm not so much arguing the positioning of the Myth Arc category, or it's categorization, but there are a really quite huge number of little things that change from season to season. Like the lead characters, the relationships, the intros, the set dressing, the makeup, and some other details, many of which are only marginally plot related, but very jarring for the unprepared viewer.

Earnest: I get what you're saying: it's simultaneously above and the below the Dammed category, with a series long Myth Arc that nonetheless has mostly independent seasons with "local" plotlines. Still, I tend to weigh it more as Myth Arc-y than independent seasons.
Silent Hunter: Where would we put something like NCIS? Individual "adventures" with background arcs that can last multiple seasons.