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Working Title: Scheherezade Gambit: From YKTTW

Do we know that Westley charmed the Dread Pirate Roberts into letting him live? I always assumed Roberts wasn't nearly as bad as his reputation (fueled by guys like Humperdink) made him seem.

  • Anyone else think that "Arabian Nights Gambit" should be the main title? The name of the work is far more famous than the name of the character - I, for one, immediately knew what the trope is about when I saw the Arabian Nights title. That's the sort of title that deserves to be the main, IMO.

Duckay: I don't know, I think that Scheherezade is sufficiently well-known (c'mon, she gets mentioned by name in Aladdin) - and 'Scheherezade Gambit' fits in better with 'Xanatos Gambit' and 'Batman Gambit'. My problem is that I can never spell Scheherezade. But, that's what redirects are for - because idiots like me can spell 'Arabian Nights'. Also, as for the Dread Pirate Roberts example - Westley certainly leads us to believe that he charmed the Dread Pirate Roberts, but he wasn't necessarily being honest.

Joysweeper: What about when a character convinces someone that they're more useful alive than dead? It's not the same, but is there a trope for that?

Michael: How do you say this?

Red Wren: Sheh-hair-ih-zod, I believe. Also, isn't it Scheherazade? That's the article title on The Other Wiki, and what Google corrects you to. *shrug*