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Drop Dead Gorgias: I think that the pregnancy trope is significant enough to stand on its own. I've seen this in tons of shows, like Married... with Children, Friends, Will and Grace, SVU, etc. In most cases, they ignore the fact that the actress is as big as a house, and think that standing behind a lamp (or in SVU's case, a... uh... folder) is sufficient; it gets pretty ridiculous.

Janitor: Agreed. The tatoo thing is also pretty large. In the Buffy-verse, Buffy and Cordelia both had unexplained tatoos that would pop into view sometimes.

Looney Toons: Likewise Alyssa Milano on Charmed. I remember reading somewhere about the amount of makeup they had to put on her to hide some of the rather extensive ink she had.

Shay Guy: I'm not sure about the Gurren Lagann example - I thought that was the drill Simon had used to dig with in the village, not the Core Drill for Lagann. It makes another appearance in episode 9.

Anonymous Troper: In Night Watch of the Discworld series, there is a scene where Ridcully confronts some Watchmen trespassing in his University. He had just been bathing and assumed that a hat is enough clothing for a Wizard in front of men of the world. Too bad there were some women of the world too, and a cluster of foam that was doing duty in the name of common decencies slid off.

Silverlock: In one of the Pink Panther movies — A Shot in the Dark, maybe — Peter Sellers has to infiltrate a nudist colony, which results in several instances of this trope. In particular, I remember that Clouseau, obviously highly embarrassed, pinches someone's guitar to carry around at, er, waist-height.

Idle Dandy: I think this article needs a cleanup to pull all the pregnancy examples to Hide Your Pregnancy. Agreed?
  • Pig_Catapult: On it. Done. I did a bit of a quick-and-dirty cut/paste job, though, and, although I tried to make sure I fixed all "broken" examples, I'm unsure if I got all of them. Does anything jump out at you?/Did I miss anything?