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Drop Dead Gorgias: I think that the pregnancy trope is significant enough to stand on its own. I've seen this in tons of shows, like Married... with Children, Friends, Will & Grace, SVU, etc. In most cases, they ignore the fact that the actress is as big as a house, and think that standing behind a lamp (or in SVU's case, a... uh... folder) is sufficient; it gets pretty ridiculous.

Janitor: Agreed. The tatoo thing is also pretty large. In the Buffy-verse, Buffy and Cordelia both had unexplained tatoos that would pop into view sometimes.

Looney Toons: Likewise Alyssa Milano on Charmed. I remember reading somewhere about the amount of makeup they had to put on her to hide some of the rather extensive ink she had.

Shay Guy: I'm not sure about the Gurren Lagann example - I thought that was the drill Simon had used to dig with in the village, not the Core Drill for Lagann. It makes another appearance in episode 9.

Anonymous Troper: In Night Watch of the Discworld series, there is a scene where Ridcully confronts some Watchmen trespassing in his University. He had just been bathing and assumed that a hat is enough clothing for a Wizard in front of men of the world. Too bad there were some women of the world too, and a cluster of foam that was doing duty in the name of common decencies slid off.

Silverlock: In one of the Pink Panther movies — A Shot in the Dark, maybe — Peter Sellers has to infiltrate a nudist colony, which results in several instances of this trope. In particular, I remember that Clouseau, obviously highly embarrassed, pinches someone's guitar to carry around at, er, waist-height.

Idle Dandy: I think this article needs a cleanup to pull all the pregnancy examples to Hide Your Pregnancy. Agreed?
  • Pig_Catapult: On it. Done. I did a bit of a quick-and-dirty cut/paste job, though, and, although I tried to make sure I fixed all "broken" examples, I'm unsure if I got all of them. Does anything jump out at you?/Did I miss anything?