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Robe And Wizard Hat launched as Robe and Wizard Hat: From YKTTW

Working Title: Robe And Wizard Hat: From YKTTW

Citizen: Whatever their class in FFT, that image doesn't really look like a traditional wizard outfit. I was thinking more along the lines of this...

Recon 5: I'm waiting for someone to explain why they didn't just put up a Black Mage.

fleb: Hey, who changed the image caption? I know it said "Bow chikka wow wow" a couple months ago. Did the image change too?

Citizen: It seems like it's always been the time mage pic. It's just not the right style of hat though, so like I pondered above, I'm going ahead and replacing it with a hard rock wizard. The third chapter cover of Mx0 came to mind, but since I already had that other image uploaded...

Smokie: Mind I say, the description is hilarious!
Someone should find a better link to the bloodninja collection that doesn't contain the phrase "chicken of the infinite". Speaking of which, are auto-censor scripts an Internet trope? —Document N
Rissa: Aww, the Wikimedia link died. Anyone got another good 'robe and Pope hat' pic?

Pig_catapult: Edited to make note that someone with a pointy hat might also be a princess, or some manner of gnome.