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Ununnilium: Quantum Leap? Not to inadvertently start a flamewar that will spiral out of control and consume the whole wiki in a conflagration of doom, but howso?

Looney Toons: Not to say that I agree, but Sam does get the choice to go home in the last episode — and chooses to keep leaping. That could be seen from some angles as a reset button.
  • Freezer: "The Bartender" explicitly says that the leaps were going to continue, and get harder. The choice was Sam being granted a chance to go anywhere he wanted, as a sabbatical. Sam chose to use this boon to tell Beth Al was alive and would be home soon. Definitely a Downer Ending (with a Take That! to the fans).

Ununnilium: It wasn't presented as "being wrapped up", though. The only thing that changed was that he was finally given the choice.

INH: I'm pulling this:
  • Battlestar Galactica — After the New Caprica events, almost everything is back exactly like it was on season 1.
    • What show are you watching?

First of all, this is for when a show has its conflicts wrapped up, and could theoretically end, but then it goes back to status quo. If the ending episode of the New Caprica arc had come when the Colonials were settled there and living in relative peace, then this might have applied, though there were still quite a few unresolved issues. But the settlement on New Caprica gets less than 10 minutes of screentime before the Cylons show up and occupy the place, certainly not a way of wrapping things up. Second, like the person pointed out, many things were different than season 1. Ellen was dead, Baltar was with the Cylons, Galactica was fully crewed, and just about everyone had been through a lot. Not to mention all the major changes that had happened in Season 2, such as the addition of major characters like Anders.

Omega Blade: So Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time wouldn't count? Because the Reset Button was pressed so that the Prince could stop the disaster before it happened; in essence, it's part of the plot rather than submission to the idea that Status Quo Is God.