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Wasn't Romana II blond?

Starscream: JKR is a redhead? What? Where's this from?


Vampire Buddha: Removed some examples which didn't name their sources. If somebody knows where these come from, feel free to add them back in.
* Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl a.k.a. Oracle
** Kate Kane, the new Batwoman. For tactical reasons she wears a flowing red wig over much shorter—but still red—hair.
* Black Widow, Caitlin Fairchild, Dawn, Hawkwoman/Hawkgirl, Hellcat, Julie Power/Lightspeed, Maxima, Madame Medusa, Mystique (in her blue-skinned form), the second Spider Woman, Tigra, Mera, Speedy, Looker, et cetera and so on.
* Vic Sage, the first Question, when he's out of costume.