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Working Title: The Town Bicycle: From YKTTW

Cassius335: What foul pit of Hades did this rename crawl out of? The YKTTW hasn't even been replied to in months and I was really hoping it had gone for good. I can only assume Etrange did on a fleeting whim... a whim so fleeting, he or she didn't even bother changing the rest of the page to match.

Etrangere: Does the fact it hadn't been replied to in a long time made it irrelevant? There still seemed to be a consensus for the rename, hence why I did it. Too lazy to change the rest of the page but if it bothers you, please do it.

Cassius335: I was hoping not being replied to in a long time had made it deleted. Ask yourself: If it wasn't worth doing properly, was it worth doing at all? Frankly I didn't see the improvement before and I still don't now.

Etrangere: Nope. Old entries don't get deleted anymore. I know I launched some ykttw that hadn't been updated in a very long while because they were still worth launching (Mad Doctor was one of those for example). The rename was worth doing because that previous was offensive, and so most people agreed who had participated to the discussion. As for "worth doing right", I will point you toward that wonderful page called Wiki Magic.

Cassius335: Wiki Magic doesn't mean "Do something badly because someone else might fix it later."

And I can't help wondering who was offended when all the examples are fictional characters. Really Gets Around sounds like it's something to do with Super Speed or transportation. Miss Yo-Yo Knickers got the idea across so much better.

Etrangere: My rename was done perfectly well, thank you. As for not getting why, I don't know, go read something about feminism, or just reread the YKTTW which explained why and come back to me.

Cassius335: Clearly not, because the rest of the article still thinks it's name is Miss Yo-Yo Knickers. If the rest of the article doesn't match the title by... say Friday, I'm going to switch it back.

And I suspect you haven't noticed that some the existing entries are male...

Some Sort Of Troper: She might have, she might have then also come to the deduction that the male entries are unlikely to be adressed as Miss or wear knickers (although I've had my suspicions about Kirk.

Anywho, I adjusted all the references to underwear and ancient greek warfare in the rest of the article (both of them). However the article probably needs to be adjusted to cover the possiblity of both male and female examples and then mention the Double Standard. I like the rename, more gender-neutral (the trope has a slight skew towards females but not rigidly and its role as fanservice is oft shared equally). There was a consensus on it. A good argument in the lack of changing circumstances remains a good argument and if an entry needs to be changed, change it in the way that it was broadly agreed upon it should change.

Cassius335: Actually, knickers can be male underwear as well, I believe.

And the problem is that the consensus was made months ago... and then no-one did anything about it until Etrange just now. It's just rewarding lazyness to suddenly do something nobody was bothered to do at the time. If it wasn't worth doing then...

Etrangere: You're just making up rules with your "was made months ago so it's not relevant anymore." You're just deciding this because you don't like the decision even though there was a consensus by everyone else. Sometimes things are slow to show up, but they're still valuable contributions. I'll rewrite this entry when I'll have time for it, that is too say when I'll no longer be in vacations with a very slow internet connections.

Cassius335: Remember when old entries did get deleted? Things had to be lauched within a certain amount of time. When a YKTTW wasn't paid enough attention, it was gone. When an entry has ceased to exist, it's relevance isn't really an issue.

I do hate the decision, I'm not pretending otherwise. I did then, I do now. It's political correctness trying desperately not to describe people as sluts when that's actually a pretty good description of the more active examples (and yes, I'm including the men in that).

And if you don't have time to rewrite the entry, why were you looking through months old YKTTW's anyway? That (to put it nicely) sounds like activities of someone with time to spare.

Some Sort Of Troper: Well do you want a minute by minute account of Etrangere's routine? . That doesn't matter, nor does "rewarding laziness". The ad hominem attacks are all irrelevant. That old entries did get deleted is irrelevant. If all your argument boils down to is "I didn't like the result and was secretly hoping it had gone away" then that becomes irrelevant too. Thus the name change stays.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: I'm with Cassius335 on this one. Really Gets Around is a lousy title, and it sounds more like a Super Speed power than promiscuity. (I prefer Village Bicycle to Miss Yoyo Knickers, though.)

Cassius335: I could support Village Bicycle as the title (unless people in villages riding bicycles is a trope :p). Would still mean giving the article a rewrite, though.

And SSSoT? My argument is that before, a name-change like this would have died from neglect; Death by "nobody gave enough of a shit to bother".

Now, apparently, tropes can be launched back from long enough ago that everyone involved had forgotten about them. I can see that being a quality-control problem, very easily.

Notice that Etrange made no attempt to see whether anyone still supported the name change (aparently, no-one supported it enough back then to actually do it), but just picked it out of the archives. That's wrong. There should have been more recent discussion on this first.

Proginoskes: Um... wow. Politics, much? I had no idea that this trope was such Serious Business. On to my actual point.
  • Later Dune books have the Honored Maitres, who are so good in bed that they can Mind Control men.
I removed the above from the article, because the Bene Gesserit mind control bit is an "easy to learn, hard to master" deal where every full-fledged member of the order knows at least the basics, it works on both genders, and it has little or nothing to do with sex. Also, it appeared in the very first book. (If I recall correctly, the Honored Maitres were originally a splinter group of Bene Gesserit.)

I removed "* Ali Larter slept with the star quarterback in Varsity Blues till he got hurt; when James Van Der Beek became the new starter, she tried to seduce him by luring him to her house and putting on a "whipped cream bikini"." b/c getting around twice isn't "really getting around".