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Pavlov: Actually, as I understand it, Red Dwarf wasn't supposed to have an eighth season, so Rimmer really doesn't belong here. I think they were just trying to give the actor a nice sendoff.

Ununnilium: Yeah, but that doesn't make him not Put on a Bus.

Pavlov: I just meant that the entry doesn't belong because the phrase "presumably it was intended that he would return later" is wrong because there presumably wouldn't be a show for him to come back to, should he decide to later. But I'm cool with this either way.

Ununnilium: Ahhhhh, I see. Hmmm.

Sikon: Wasn't it made clear that the Tylers and Mickey are permanently stuck in "their" universe, so it's not quite a bus? Of course, Doctor Who being Doctor Who, you can almost expect them to at least have a cameo somehow, but for now, they're completely and utterly cut off from the Doctor's universe.

Anonymous: At the end of the fourth season of Family Matters, Judy Winslow was sent upstairs - and never came back down. I'm not sure if that actually counts, though, since being sent to your room isn't normally as ambiguous as a peace conference or a bus trip..

Your Obedient Serpent removed the following: ==> * In the newspaper comic Beetle Bailey, Beetle did have a girlfriend named Bunny, but since the early 2000's she has vanished without a trace. Beetle seems to be supposedly dating Ms. Buxley now. —That's really more of a Brother Chuck.

Adam850: People are taking this a little too literally. This isn't a character actually taking a bus when leaving a show. Geez, read the description.