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Far be it from me to complain about other people's baggage, but just because you're in a relationship with someone doesn't mean you're having sex, even if you ARE just old enough for hormones. Do we really need so many links to Squick? While linking Squick when you are talking about fandoms that explicitly sexualize underage pairings is understandable, that's not the only situation I've been seeing.

Dalek Kan Noladti: Agreed. I had my first crush in the third grade. Puppy-love is normal if you don't get conditioned to think "girls/boys have cooties"; what's squicky is the notion of sexuality at that age.
Working Title: Kid Chemistry: From YKTTW
Removed the following line (which was in response to the A Song of Ice and Fire examples:
  • Um...these kids are going to grow up someday, you know. It's not as though kids don't get obvious crushes on each other, but it's also not like they have to "do anything" about it any time soon.
This goes out simply because it could be an objection to every example on this page and the trope entire. Put that little disclaimer in the opening description of the trope ("Some writers and fanfic authors...") to defuse the point.
I don't think that some people understand that Toy Ships are quite common in real life. I've known kids as young as ten to be "dating", although obviously those relationships last about as long as you'd expect.
I want to add an example of Tatsuki and Orihime, from Bleach, but I don't want to imply anything... Since there's no mention of anything like that in the anime... ~tinlv7

Danel: Yeah, it's not impossible for kids that young to 'date', and hormones do seem to kick in younger than most adults seem to remember - I don't remember that far back, but I did discover a message from my younger self reminding me that some start noticing stuff around the age of ten/eleven.