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Andyzero: In all seriousness, my grandmother lived next door to a family that had a boy legally named "Omnipotent."

DomaDoma: Eh? I'm not seeing the Harry Potter example tilt very much either way in terms of name outlandishness. Sure, there are Harry Potter, Lily Evans and Ron Weasley, but Severus Snape, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, and pick-your-Black-family-member are important, thanks.

  • I'm inclined to agree - we've got Hermione, who's important to the plot in a big way, and we've got Colin, who isn't.

  • Real Life example: there's an actor whose name is Rockets Redglare.

That's not an example at all. First, presumably, he picked the name because of the cool factor, and second, he's not surrounded by people with similar cool names.

Andrusi: Yeah, yeah, you guys think you're funny with your name, but you know that, somewhere, somebody has been inspired to create Yes! Precure 5/101 Dalmatians crossover hentai because of this page.

Ununnilium: ...that's scary. But the name originally came from a Discworld book.

  • And, of course, in the real life Internet (bend your mind around that concept) people tend not to use their (boring) real names. Partially a information-safety issue; it's difficult to connect "baddazz381" to a real-world person or location.

Not this. "Even better when these aren't nicknames, but their actual given names."

Anony Monk: Is this for people with cool real names? or who pick cool nicknames. Perdita X Dream fits the latter, but most of these examples are the former.

Kosh_Naranek: Should Xander be on here? That's not his name, just his nickname (short for Alexander, which is hardly unusual). Same for Wash (short for Washburn, his last name), Angel (real name Liam), Spike (real name William) and Fred (short for Winnifred).
Ethereal Mutation: Is there any way we can make it so the Wolfe+585 name doesn't screw the page up royally?

The Bad Wolf: does it actually screw up the page in other browsers? in firefox it just puts a bar at the bottom so you can scroll it.

HeartBurn Kid: Decided to be bold and replace the image with one that, I feel, better captures the trope. If there's any objections, let's talk about them.
Inkblot: For managing to preserve the title's Koolness while changing the name, I hereby award this page the FoRKS badge of approval.