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A page quote from Istanbul/Constantinople?

Jordan: I'm not sure about all of the examples, but changing Bombay to Mumbai and Canton to Guangzhou isn't political correctness- the "new" names are the actual names of those cities; the older ones were bad transliterations.

Silent Hunter: Yes, but their names have colonial connotations.

Thera: The example from Naruto isn't quite correct, as the name isn't exactly changed. 'Konoha'is only a nickname for the village as the full name is 'Konohagakure no Sato' meaning 'Village hidden among the tree leaves' (And I can vaguely remember a (respected) translator saying that the manga mentions an even longer name somewhere, which would translate as 'Village hidden in the shadow of the tree leaves', but I'm not 100% sure(He may have also been debunking said translation)) this name is quite long, and even the ninja's living in it can't be bothered to pronounce it's full name all the time, so they usually refer to it as 'Konoha' (meaning '(tree) leaf'). So when you look at it, Hidden Village of the Leaf is more a translation then a name change.

Wareq: "Dead Nigger Creek"? Seriously? Was that their local Dead Nigger Storage?