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Vampire Buddha: I'm suspicious about the statement about when pirates became goodies. It seems to me that pirates started being portrayed as good guys some time before digital piracy began.

Allandre: Yeah, heroic pirates were common decades before the digital age. This article needs a serious overhaul.

The Grim Sleeper: I concur, it needs to be a bit closer to reality. Long John Silver never seemed like a real murdering psycho in any adaptation of Treasure Island, and is even portrayed as nice in some. Interesting facts: Robert Newton invented the pirate-yahr in his performance. Buried-treasure maps and parrots on shoulders also dirive from Treasure Island (in this case the book). The picture should stay though, with some sort of caption about how Anime Bishōnen can turn even pirates gay, something which famed metrosexual Johnny Depp failed at.

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Darktalon: It's possibly even more embarrassing for the media cartel, rather than having their epithet adopted as a badge of pride and become a phenomenon that way, to have chosen it in complete ignorance of its existing pop-cultural connotations.

Goldfritha: Well, I'm overhauling it.